Contre le racisme et l'antisémtisme, avec les élèves de Santa Maria Sicchè et Pitretu-Bicchisgià
Kiosque pour présentation pages histoire
2, 3 et 4 décembre, une visite à Paris pour les quatre lauréates du Concours National de la Résistance et de la Déportation.
Après la visite du musée de Zonza et avant de retourner à Ajaccio, les élève de la classe de 3ème 2 du Collège Fesch font la pause pique nique au monument de la Résistance à Ciniccia (Levie)
Dans une prairie du Nebbiu, revue des troupes par le Gl Carlo Rossi

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The website of the Friends of the resistance in southern Corsica (ANACR2A)

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Congrés de Marseille 14.15.16 Nov. 2008

RESOLUTION DE LA COMMISSION D'ORIENTATION L'année 2008 a été celle du 65ème anniversaire de la création du Conseil National de la Résistance, l'année 2009 sera celle des 65èmes anniversaires de la publication du Programme du CNR et de la Libération de la France, l?année 2010, celle du 65ème anniversaire de la victoire sur le nazisme et le fascisme japonais.

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The ideals and values ​​of resistance, as in Corsica.

Men and women everywhere are up against barbarism. In France they have saved the honor, washed the shame of collaboration with the enemy in which Petain wanted wallow our country. Men and women have resisted. Corsican patriots have contributed to this global fight, paying with their lives for some. It should not be forgotten, in gratitude for what they have done but because the values ​​and ideals that inspired their fight are many references, both markers in a world that really needs if he does not attend a desperate repetition of the past. That is the purpose of our association.

A rich learning period.

There are periods in history when it condenses and forms a prism that gives see everything man is capable: the best and the worst. Their study is instructive. And the second world war is perhaps the most instructive of all. Because the world had never known such a conflagration with all military and civilian casualties. More importantly, because the dividing line between the protagonists - even though it was a border defense or souverainité preserve - was ultimately dependent on the design they had rights of man and citizen. Rights trampled by the Nazis and fascists and the most sinister expressions were deportation and death camps that show ever of the fragility of what we call "civilization".

The purpose of our association: the history and memory of the Resistance in Corsica.

To do this we assign the following tasks:
  • Deeper knowledge of the history of "dark years" in Corsica
  • Disseminate this knowledge among young people including panel discussions, visits to places of memories, films, publications, newspapers, books and other audio-visual aids.
  • Fight against attempts to deny the crimes of fascism and collaboration against the rehabilitation of irredentist Corsican and against the resurgence of racist and xenophobic ideas.
  • Show the validity, even today, the values ​​of the resistance in the program of the National Council of Resistance, and that respecting the pluralism of components that have developed.